Friday, 30/03/2018

International University organized the Information Day 2018

March 25, International University – Viet Nam National University Ho Chi Minh City has successfully organized the Information Day 2018 with the participation of more than 4,000 students, parents and teachers coming from 35 high schools located in Ho Chi Minh City and 12 neighboring provinces. 

The Information Day 2018 is held at International University with a many various content, including consulting activities at the booths of faculties, departments, international partner universities, visiting classrooms, laboratories, library, canteen ... and other on-campus facilities. The consulting session of this year’s Information Day focuses mainly on training programs, collaborative training programs as well as new admissions methods of International University.

In addition, students participated in the Information Day can have a full-day experience as a student of International University, including activities such as taking part in lectures, doing experiments and joining 25 student clubs of the university.

In 2018, International University will accept new freshmen via 6 admission methods, the most among all universities in Vietnam at the moment. These methods include:






Offer admission basing on the result of the National High School Graduation Examination



Offer direct admission in accordance with MOET’s 2018 regulation



Offer admission for excellent high school students (in accordance with MOET’s regulation)



Offer admission basing on the result of International University’s Scholastic Aptitude Test



Offer admission basing on the study records of international students or Vietnamese students studying international curriculum



Offer admission basing on the result of Viet Nam National University HCMC’s Scholastic Aptitude Test




100 %


Especially, among the 6 methods of admission, the method of admission basing on the result of International University’s Scholastic Aptitude Test gets the highest percentage of 65%. Therefore, on this year's Information Day, International University organized the mock test for about 3,500 students wanting to experience the exam.

There are also several highly-welcomed singers attending the days like Hoa Minzy, Chi Thien, Thuy Binh

High school students are preparing for “a day in the life of IU’s student”

High school students go sight-seeing and do experiment in labs of Schools and Departments

Nụ cười các bạn sinh viên tình nguyện của IU

The singer, Hoa Minzy, is performing on the day with her two performances

Chi Thien the singer is entertaining students with his new song

Thuy Binh the young singer surprises all the audience with his great voice in the two performances

Dr. Ho Thanh Phong, Rector of International University, is giving opening speech and presentation on the Information Days 2018

Dr. Tran Tien Khoa, Vice-Rector of International University, is giving presentation on new admission methods of IU in 2018

Each representative of international partner universities is giving presentation on twinning programs 

High school students attending the Information Day are asking questions on IU’s 2018 admission

Parents are asking questions on the International University’s Scholastic Aptitude Test

Students join in activities of 25 student clubs 

High schools students do the IU’s scholastic aptitude mock test.


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