Friday, 13/10/2017

International Fair 2017


Venue: Lobby A2

Time: 9.00 – 24.10.2017 (Tuesday)

This year International Fair will definitely turn IU into a hotbed of fun and reveling.

Have you met the attractive Chrissy from Germany? Have you met our beloved Ryuta from Japan and Dario the Ebullient from Spain? Have you tried French cuisine or signature dishes from Morocco? Look no further, all of the answers are in the International Fair where you can meet international friends, talk to them and try their authentic dishes (with affordable prices, of course). We also have a Henna tattoo booth where you can have your cool temporary tattoos for the whole week.

On top of that, we’ll make sure that you will be astonished by an odd challenge that is full of surprises and excitement – Can You Eat That? With extreme Vietnamese food that even Vietnamese want to step aside.

Save the date and join us on Tuesday!