Monday, 28/08/2017

The highly appreciated “Intelligent traffic control system” project to be expanded in HCMC

HCMC – The International University – Vietnam National University HCMC held a meeting on 23 August, 2017 on reviewing the trial deployment of the project “Intelligent traffic control system”, with the attendance of representatives of the city’s government and related authorities. After the two-year trial, the project has posted positive results in alleviating traffic congestion and got great support for deployment in other areas in the city. 

The project, launched by the International University and installed at Thu Thiem Tunnel and Vo Van Kiet Avenue, has worked smoothly since the installment two years ago. At the review meeting, Assoc. Prof. Ho Thanh Phong – Rector of International University announced the successful trial period of the Intelligent Traffic Control System project to the HCMC Department of Transportation, the Department of Information and Communication, Saigon River Tunnel Management Center and other related construction units. Assoc. Prof. Ho Thanh Phong claimed that the project has gained various positive results in setting up an intelligent traffic system to deal with traffic jams and optimize the traffic flow on Vo Van Kiet Avenue.

The section of the Avenue, starting from Ky Con to Hai Thuong Lan Ong intersection, was put into trial two years ago and has made a perfect interaction between software and hardware to form the Intelligent Traffic Control System. Besides, the system was also installed at the controlling center of Thu Thiem Tunnel for training and trial operation. On behalf of other researchers in the project, Assoc. Prof. Ho Thanh Phong guarantees that the system is stable, precise and ever-ready for expansion. Moreover, the research team also gains a lot of valuable experience for the deployment of such system in other areas in HCMC.

Vo Khanh Hung, director of HCMC Department of Transportation, highly valued the project’s achievement as well as its effectiveness in dealing with traffic congestion in the city. He also emphasized that there are many more hotspots of traffic congestion in the city like areas around Tan Son Nhat International Airport and Cat Lai Port, therefore, the city really needs such intelligent system developed by International University. The department will also propose the city authority to support and apply such system in many other areas.

Assoc. Prof. Lam Quang Vinh, the managing board deputy director of the applying technology to alleviate inundation and traffic congestion project which was launched by Vietnam National University HCMC, said the HCMC national university will continue to support International University’s intelligent traffic control system in the time to come.

Assoc. Prof. Ho Thanh Phong – rector of International University, representative of the research team, reports on the intelligent traffic control system project

Vo Khanh Hung, director of HCMC Department of Transportation, shares his support for the project

HCMC’s authorities eye on the control system installed in Saigon River Tunnel Management Center


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