Tin tức/****/News
Updating (18/06/2018)
College of Engineering International Summer School – Chung Cheng National University, Taiwan (12/06/2018)
Updating (11/06/2018)
Updating (07/06/2018)
Updating (05/06/2018)
Student Exchange program for fall semester 2018 at National University Kaohsiung, Taiwan (17/05/2018)
International fall session 2018 Southern of Denmark University (15/05/2018)
Updating (15/05/2018)
3rd ASEF Young Leaders Summit (ASEFYLS) (14/05/2018)
1st International Summer Internship at NII 2018 (23/04/2018)
Sự kiện/****/Events
World Science Conference Israel 2015 – WSC-I 2015 (07/05/2015)
2015 SATU Joint Research Scheme (07/05/2015)
FMS ASEAN Business & Cultural Exchange Program 2015 (07/05/2015)
The 4th NIDA (National Institute of Development Administration) Summer Camp (02/03/2015)
International Summer Program at Providence University, Taiwan (02/03/2015)
Humanitarian Affairs Asian Announcement (30/01/2015)
International Summer School Program 2015 titled “Creative Thinking in the Historical Capital” (30/01/2015)
20th Anniversary Celebration of VNU-HCMC (11/07/2014)
Inauguration Cerem Radio Frequency (RF) Microwave Design, High Performance Computing(HPC) and Human-Machine Interface Labs (24/06/2014)
Học bổng/****/Scholarships
Scholarship program Hanyang University Erica (06/06/2018)
Scholarships under the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) program 2018-2019 (29/05/2018)
Master and doctoral scholarship program at Tomas Bata University (TBU), Czech Republic (18/05/2018)
Updating (14/05/2018)
Exchange Student Scholarship at Chiang Mai University (23/04/2018)
Yonsei International Summer School 2018 (16/04/2018)
TL Stiftung Scholarship for Exchange Program at ESB School of Business, Reutlingen (10/04/2018)
Grants for Foreign citizens and Italian citizens living abroad awarded by the Italian Government 2018 – 2019 (04/04/2018)
Canada-ASEAN Scholarships and educational exchanges for development (SEED) (30/03/2018)
Updating (20/03/2018)