Offices and Centers

Origanization Structure


1. Office of Human Resources Management

The office has the counseling function, helping the Rector in conducting, carrying out the staff and organizational plan. It is the place for administrating, exchanging information between the Rectorate Board and other offices as well as staffs and students in the university.

Room O2.709
Telephone: (848)-37244270. Ext: 3225
Fax: (848) 37244271

Human resource

Full Name Position E-mail
Tran Quynh Hoa Head
Le Thi Van Staff
Nguyen Thi My Linh Staff
Nguyen Thi Quynh Hoa Staff

Bui Thanh



Dang Kim Tuyen Staff
Nguyen Xuan Hoa Staff
Nguyen Ngoc Bich Mai Staff
Pham Le
Phuong Staff
Thai Nhat
Pham Phuong


2. Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs

The office has the counseling function, helping the Rector in planning short term and long term programs of the university. It has the role of organizing, conducting, carrying out, evaluating and supervising all the teaching and studying work, the graduate and post graduate training program. Moreover, this office also takes part in considering and proposing the training purposes, training program, vocational structures, training method and scale, as well as developing necessary material basis for teaching and studying courses.

In addition, the Academic Affairs Office is responsible for coordinating with other departments to organize teaching schedule, register testing and evaluating studying results. Along with the inspection of teaching and studying regulation’s performance and the suggestion of opportune adjustment, this department combines, classifies, processes, and stores the academic information from the faculties as well as instructs the faculties to develop the academic management forms.


Room O2 - 708
Telephone: (84-28) 37244270. Ext: 3221, 3321, 3229, 3885
Fax: (84-28) 37244271

Human resources:

Full Name Position E-mail
Tran Thi Thu Huong Head
Dao Anh Thu Deputy Head
Nguyen Huu Tri Staff
Nguyen Bao Khanh Staff
Lam Phuong  Linh Staff
Luu Thi
Tran Le
Ngo Duong Ly
Thanh Staff
Thai Thi Nhu
Quynh Staff
Nguyen Phi
Doan Thi Thu
Vo Thi KimNgan Staff 
Le HoangPhuong Staff
Ngo Duong Kim


3. Office of Graduate Affairs

To advise Rector on the management of graduate training under the responsibility and authority;

Full Name Position E-mail
Nguyen Tuan Duc
Huynh Ngoc
Deputy Head
Nguyen Ho Thanh Tam Staff
Lai Tran Thanh Son Staff
Nguyen Hong
Nguyen Viet ThanhGiangStaff
Ho Thi My


Room O2 - 609
Telephone: (84-28)-37244270. Ext: 3120
Fax: (84-28) 37244271



4. Office of Research and Development

To advise Rector on the management of all scientific activities and technology fields; services, scientific advisory; planning, development orientation of scientific research for short-term, medium-term and long-term; organizing scientific operations and technology under the responsibility and authority; organizing activities on the intellectual property of International University.


Room: O2.706
Phone: (84-28) 37244270. Ext: 3338 - 3855 – 3959
Fax: (84-28) 37244271

Human Resources:

Full Name

Position E-mail
Nguyen Hong Quang Head
Nguyen Phuong Anh Deputy Head
Le Quang Vinh Staff
Pham Thi Cat Tien Staff
Truong Hong Chuyen Staff
Tran Ngọc Diem Chau Staff
 Nguyen Le KhanhLinhStaff



5. Office of External and Public Relations

To advise Rector on external affairs, public relations, and communication of International University (IU); develop cooperative relations of IU conform to the law of Vietnam and International circular; drafting and signing of international cooperative projects, planning the annual International cooperation.

Room O2 - 704
Telephone: (84-28) 37244270. Ext: 3220
Fax: (84-28) 37244271

Human resources:

Full Name Position E-mail
Bui Thi Hong Hanh Head
Nguyen Ngoc Truong Minh Vice head
Tran Thi Tuong Vi Staff
Ho Thi Tuyet Mai Staff
Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc Staff
Dinh Quoc MinhDangStaff

International Students Service Center (ISSC)

The ISSC was established with the aim to assist international students and scholars with the process of applying to IU, advising on immigration regulations, consulting on academic and daily challenges. We also assist the campus community involved with international educational exchange in the process of receiving international students studying at IU campus, or in sending IU‘s students study from one to two semester abroad. We cooperate with other Schools, Departments and other divisions at IU to create and maintain a global campus.


International Students Service Center (ISSC)

Office of External and Public Relations

Room O2. 604 - International University, Vietnam National University Hochiminh City

Quater 6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, Hochiminh City, Vietnam

Phone: (84-28) 3724 4270 Ext: 3617

Email: (For Student Exchange & Study Abroad Programs) (For International Student & Scholar Services)

Human resources

Full name

Position E-mail
Dinh Kim Phung Head
Nguyen Bao
Han Staff
Huynh Ngoc Tuyet

6. Office of Finance and Planning

The office functions to help the Rector in developing and managing the financial plans of the university. The department inspects the revenue, expenditures, and the financial planning work in the university.
The department is responsible for managing, receiving, using effectively all the expenses from the government budget. The department also monitors expenses from the revenue and other sources according to the government regulations about financial management.

Room O2 - 701
Telephone: (84-28) 37244270. Ext: 3420, 3311
Fax: (84-28) 37244271

Human resources:

Full name

Position E-mail
Tran Thi Thanh Lich Head
Le Dang Thuy Trang Deputy Head
Phan The Hoang Staff
Nguyen Thi Hoai Giang Staff
Nguyen Thai Hau Staff
Nguyen Dình Thu Ha Staff
Ta Thi Thanh Lan Staff
Nguyen Thi Thuc Quyen Staff
Nguyen Manh Ha Staff
Nguyen Thi ThuyHang Staff 


7. Office of Students Affairs

The Office of Students Affairs, established in December 2009, is the consulting body of the Rector Board. It is responsible for practicing special policies for unprivileged students, selecting merit students for business donors’ scholarships, and implementing the discipline – incentive rules. It organizes soft-skills trainings and provides students with study-related consultation and services such as health care services, or accommodations to boarding students.

Room: O1 - 105
Telephone: (84-28) 37244270 - Ext: 3334, 3826
Fax: (84-28) 37244271

Human resources:

Full Name Position E-mail
Dao Thi Kim Oanh Head
Ha Xuan Quang Staff
Bui Thi Ngoc Thao Staff
Tran Khai Minh Staff
Nguyen Ngọc
Nguyen Quang
Tran Thi Tuyet Thanh
& Nguyen Van Lap



8. Office of Facility Development

The office has the counseling function, helping the Rector in managing, purchasing, repairing, maintaining basic facitities of the university for serving the courses of training, scientific research of all the staff and students in the university.
The office is responsible for developing plans to manage the facitities and equipments in the university, inspecting the purchased process and the maintenance, usage of the materials and equipments in all the departments, faculties, classrooms, laboratories, offices, etc.

Room O2 - 702
Telephone: (84-28) 37244270. Ext: 3311, 3223
Fax: (84-28) 37244271

Human resources:

Full Name Position E-mail
Hoang Van Head
Nguyen Van Nhan Deputy Head
Nguyen Manh Hung Staff
Nguyen Phuc Thinh Staff
Huynh Thi Cao Khuong Staff
Vo Van Hai Staff
Pham Thanh Quan Staff
Mai Quy Hoan Staff
Vu Van Tan Staff
Mai Hoang Nơ Tơ Rong Staff
Hoang Dinh Thanh Staff
Vu Dinh Manh Staff
Tran Quoc Bao Staff
Nguyen Thi My Duyen Staff
Le Thi Thanh Thuy Staff
Nguyen Kim Thuong Staff
Luong Minh Hai Staff
Ngo Viet Cuong Staff
Nguyen Thi Thu
Hoang CongDuyen Staff
Huynh Minh
Tran Duc

Office of Project Management

To advise Rector on investment management of capital construction of international University;

Manage and supervise construction activities of projects approved by the Board of Rectors; Implement projects of investment in construction; Implement construction quality inspection and confirmation of the completed volume, the accrued volume and payment procedures.

Room O2 - 702
Telephone: (84-28) 37244270 – Ext: 3348
Fax: (84-28) 37244271

Human resources:

Full name Position E-mail
Ho Minh


Le Huu


Tran Thi Tuong




9. Center of Education Quality Management

The Center for Quality Management cooperates with the offices, faculties, and departments to develop a system of collecting, storing, and reporting data on all administrative and academic activities on the basis of a current set of standard qualities.
Its main functions are to design and implement cooperative plans to sustain qualities, recommend the Rector Board measures and innovative processes to enhance the qualities, support the self-assessment units with auditing and evaluating qualities.
Besides, the center co-works with outside evaluating groups on missions planned by the university.

Room: O2 - 611
Telephone: (84-28) 37244270 - Ext: 3227
Fax: (84-28) 37244271

Human resources:

Full Name Position E-mail
 Huynh Kha Tu Head
Dinh Quang


Nguyen Thi Thu Thao Staff
Le Thuy Hang Staff
Tran Thi Ngoc
Le HoangPhuc Staff 
 Tran NgocNgan Staff



10. Ly Tu Trong Center

It is the second campus of the International University with modernly-equipped classrooms. This campus is reserved for post-graduate students.
Contact information
3B Ly Tu Trong, District.1, Ho Chi Minh city
Telephone: (84-28) 38242092, (84-28) 38237846


11. Library

The library has been in operation with the service of all dedicated staff for seven years since the International University came into being under the decision signed by the Prime Minister in 2003. The library receives a sufficient budget and materials supplies every year. The library is spacious and well-aired with an area of usage is 243.4 meters square. The working schedule and the spacious area are for all students and teaching staff to use the library at their convenience. It is open from 8a.m to 4p.m from Monday to Saturday.
The main functions of the library are organizing, preserving, and providing access to the archive. Additionally, the staff is planning to expand the archive with more sources of books and materials.
With the accumulation of 400,000 books and materials, the library development has been going along with the long-term plan of the university.

Room 102
Telephone: (84-28) 37244270 - Ext: 3241
Fax: (84-28) 37244271

Human resources:

Full Name Position E-mail
Lam Bình Nguyen Head
Ng. Phan T. Thang Trang Vice head
Nguyen Thi Kim Binh Staff
Ngo Ngoc Ho Staff
Vo Ba
Nguyen ThanhTraLibrarian



12. Clinic

The Clinic is primarily the Rectorate Board’s consultant on school health care. It is responsible for staff’s health. It provides checkups, treatments, and medicines on prescriptions for ailments. For serious cases, it prepares paper work for staff patients to be transferred to a hospital. Besides, the Clinic organizes first-aid training programs for the staff and students.

Room O2 - 305
Telephone: (84-28) 37244270 – Ext: 3369
Fax: (84-28) 37244271

Human resource:

Full name Position E-mail
Đặng Thị Thanh


13. Center of Information Services

The center of information services provides technology support for the Internet and telephone systems, and the university website. The Division is also responsible for maintaining the website by upgrading it with pictures and information of all events.

Room O1 - 312
Telephone: (84-28) 37244270 – Ext: 3366, 3367, 3377
Fax: (84-28) 37244271

Human resources:

Full name Position E-mail
Le Hai Duong Head
Vu Dinh Cuong Staff
Huynh Duy Truc Staff
Phung Gia Thang Staff
Nguyen Anh Dao Staff
Nguyen Ba Trung Staff
Nguyen Tan Duc Staff
Tran Trong Minh Staff



14. Regional Center of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development in Southern Vietnam

Develop formal education curricula on key areas that affect the human environment. Develop student’s knowledge, experience, attitude and skills to act towards sustainable development.Engage policy makers and other stakeholders in dialogue on public transport, environmental pollution and climate change adaptation in the region. Engage schools and college, communities in ESD. Engage and undertake research on issues relevant for higher education. Strengthen cooperation on ESD within the region.

Room O2 - 605
Telephone: (84-28) 37244270 – Ext: 3959
Fax: (84-28) 37244271


Human resources:

Full name Position E-mail
Pham Thi Hoa Director
Nguyen Thi Kim Tuyen Staff
Ngo Nguyen


15. Center of Research and Technology Transfer

To implement the policy & strategy of the Party and State, university is not only the training center but also the institution of research and application of science and technology. International University with a vision of being a research university, has been promoting research activities. In the near future, applying the University's excellent research in manufacturers is necessary and it is needed to continue promoting the trend of enhanced application of research into the real life and production.

With this mission, the Center for Research and Technology Transfer was established and signed by the Rector on 01/07/2013. The center is the scientific unit directly under the International University - Ho Chi Minh City National University, which provides services - research - training - consulting and technology transfer to the enterprises and state agencies. The center is a bridge between lecturers and students of the University with researches and projects of enterprises and function units under the state.

Room O2 - 612
Tel: (84-28) 37244270 - ext.: 3996
Fax: (84-28) 37244271

Human resources:

Full Name Position E-mail
Le Hong Phu Head
Phan Thi Thuy Linh Deputy Head
Truong Thuy Trang Staff
Bui Thanh Truc Staff
Đặng Thị BíchHạ

16. Technology Incubator and start-up center

Technology Incubator and Startup Center of the International University, was established in March 2013. The centre operation model is to support for the development of start-up projects.

The center has some strong advantages in utilizing modern laboratory systems of IU as well as supporting from experience experts, faculty members, and other partners (executive people and entrepreneuers) for leveraging start-up activities such as: innovative ideas development, R&D and new product design, training, consulting and incubating successfully start-up projects.

The center will support start-up students, mobilize capital, and start-up entrepreneurship
In addition, The center will also become a place where interact and transfer experience, knowledge and resources from individuals, organizations and enterprises to create a sustainable foundation for the start-up process.

Room A1-613, International University
Quarter 6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: (84-28) 3724 4270 – ext: 3518

Human resource:

Full namePositionEmail
Nguyen Ngoc DanThuyStaff