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Introduction to Industrial Engineering (IE) and Introduction to Logistics & Supply Chain Management Projects

Introduction to Industrial Engineering (IE) and Introduction to Logistics & Supply Chain Management” is the course specially designed for first year students studying ISE, Logistics & Supply Chain Management. The course requires students to build industrial models using the knowledge, principles in different areas in ISE such as inventory management, scheduling, simulation… The early engagement to hands-on projects not only helps the students to better understand the basic concepts, ignite their deep interest in their field of study, but also to help them to develop teamwork and problem solving skills.

List of 1st year ISE student project

1. Automated warehouse self-replenishment

·         System Process:

o   Customers order their products on the warehouse’s website.

o   The website will send customer’s orders to the warehouse.

o   Then in the warehouse, the order’s items will be picked and moved on convey to EXIT gate.

o   EXIT gate : Radio-frequency identification reader ( let us know how many items was picked, location and name of items)

o   Replenish exactly number of items picked in the empty space.

2. Warehouse Inventory Control with Radio-frequency identification (RFID)

·         The system simulates the warehouse operations including receiving, storing and releasing based on the RFID.

3. Automated Cross Docking System

·         This project demonstrates the principle of cross-docking system and how it can help to improve the efficiency of warehouses.

4. A Prototype of Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)

·         The FMS is one of the modern production system. It was used broadly in automotive and electronic industries. This project aims to build a demonstrative prototype of a simple FMS which includes only 4 stations.

5. Shipment Tracking

Tracking location of shipment which will be inform to user by the interacting between user and system via SMS or system accessing.

6. Kanban Systems

·         Pull planning system that authorizes manufacturing based on the state of the production system.

·         Kanban cards are used as signals to the preceding production phases to authorize a specified component batch delivery or production.

7. Airport Baggage Handling and Sorting System

·         The project is to build up the automated baggage-handling and sorting system to move bags from the check-in counter to the departure gate at the airport in an almost completely automated way.

8. Automated Manufacturing Cell with 3 Machine Tools and Robot

·         The system can machine different part mixes taken from the conveyor by the robot

·         The system allows for changes in the production schedule, without affecting the operation of the robotic arm and the 3 machine tools

·         The system is able to carry-on operating even if one machine tool breaks down.

9. Quality Control Systems Using Image Processing

·         The project is to construct an automated system using image processing techniques to manage quality (mainly the size, shape) of ball-shaped cakes.

10. Automation Feeding and Orienting System

·         The goal of the project is to construct the system that can auto feed work pieces for the work stations.

11. Distribution Center

·         The goal of the project is to construct the system that can automatic delivery the product with the right quantity to the right places based on the order information

12. Standard Operations Routine for U-shaped Production Line

·         The project simulates U-shaped production line in which the route operation are standardized based on the elemental unit of work, manual setup time and automatic machine running time.

13. Restaurant

·         In this project, students will build a simulation model which includes the following steps:

o   Customers make a queue and order their foods.

o   The kitchen processes orders efficiently and delivers foods to customers.

o   The restaurant automatically generates the bills for customers

14. Agriculture Product Processing

·         In this project, students are expected to design three processes of supply chain as below:

o   Harvesting agricultural products (Farmers)

o   Sorting, Cleaning and Packaging (Consolidators)

o   Transferring and Shipping to Customer. (Traders)

15. Traveling Salesman Problem

·         In this problem, given a list of cities/ locations (red points) and the distances between each pair of locations. Then the system finds the shortest possible route in which we can visit each location exactly once and return to the origin location

16. Auto Detecting Fruit Weight System

·         In this project, students are expected to design the process as when the fruit is overweight or underweight, the system will push it to the other sides of the conveyor. Therefore, the remaining fruits in the middle line will be the most quality ones.

17. Automated Smart Parking Lot

·         Vertical instead of Horizontal

·         Using Pallets for automatic coordination

·         Application of RFID/Image Processing in managing cars

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