Monday, June 25, 2018


The Industrial and Systems Engineering Program at IU-VNU was founded in 2009 [Exh.1.07.Decision No.07/QĐ-ĐHQT-TCHC-ISE Establishment; Exh.1.21.Decision for issuing ISE program] in response to the needs of the development of the industry and service sectors in Vietnam. The department’s vision and mission are consistent with the vision and mission of Vietnam National University – HCMC, International University. [Exh.1.22. ISE development strategies].


Take leadership role in education and research in the field of Industrial and Systems Engineering in Vietnam.


  • Develop future leaders in different industry sectors in Vietnam
  • Prepare lifelong learners for professional fulfillment in the field of Industrial and Systems Engineering


The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering views itself a system in which students are both important input and output. Therefore, students are the main driver for its all activities. In particular, its objectives are to:
  • Maintain an excellent quality of teaching and learning
  • Recruit and retain high qualified faculty and staff to support the teaching, research, and service mission in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Enhance the learning environment to support the teaching and research activities
  • Attract excellent local and international students
  • Enhance the collaboration with industry and other prestigious educational institutions