Monday, June 25, 2018


Graduates will have solid technical understanding of issues in Production, Logistics and Supply Chain, Quality Management, Planning and Scheduling, etc,. They also have great problem solving skills and leadership skills. Graduates can find job opportunities in:

  • Manufacturing: foreign companies, state-owned and private enterprises
  • Service: hospital, hotel, airport, retail services and distribution.
  • Research & Development: universities, training and research centers.
  • State organizations: Ministry/Department of Science and Technology, Department of Transport and Communication.
  • Project management units of industrial-related projects.

ISE department has built relationships with a number of reputable corporations such as: Intel Vietnam, Thai Binh Shoes, Saigon Newport, Vietnam, Bosch, Scancom, etc…

The interaction between the department with the corporations helps to strengthen the link between formal learning and professional practice. In addition, we also support students to get an internship in one of our cooperative firms. The purpose of the internship is to provide students with real world experience so that they can take the theory into practice.