Tin tức/****/News
IU successfully held the Open and Information Day 2017 (17/03/2017)
IU celebrates Rooster Lunar New Year 2017 by holding Tree-planting ceremony (07/02/2017)
Announcement of new bidding Food Court Service at IU’s Canteen (07/02/2017)
International University – Ho Chi Minh City cadre academy: The first Opening Ceremony of The Master of Public Management Program (23/01/2017)
Announcement about considering the title of "People's Teacher and excellent Teacher" (12/01/2017)
International University donates for central Vietnam provinces (28/12/2016)
Asia-Pacific Conference on Economic Dynamics 2016 (09/12/2016)
IU student awarded with “High Achiever Scholarships” worth AUD10.000 from the University of New South Wales (Australia) (05/08/2016)
Conference for the first 6 months in 2016 of International University’s Party (15/06/2016)
Short-term Korean Language and Cultural Program at Jeju National University, Korea (06/06/2016)
Sự kiện/****/Events
World Science Conference Israel 2015 – WSC-I 2015 (07/05/2015)
2015 SATU Joint Research Scheme (07/05/2015)
FMS ASEAN Business & Cultural Exchange Program 2015 (07/05/2015)
The 4th NIDA (National Institute of Development Administration) Summer Camp (02/03/2015)
International Summer Program at Providence University, Taiwan (02/03/2015)
Humanitarian Affairs Asian Announcement (30/01/2015)
International Summer School Program 2015 titled “Creative Thinking in the Historical Capital” (30/01/2015)
20th Anniversary Celebration of VNU-HCMC (11/07/2014)
Inauguration Cerem Radio Frequency (RF) Microwave Design, High Performance Computing(HPC) and Human-Machine Interface Labs (24/06/2014)
Học bổng/****/Scholarships
Scholarship for Summer Program and Academic Exchange Program, Hankuk University, Korea (06/03/2017)
TF LEaRN Program, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (06/03/2017)
TF LEaRN Program, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (27/02/2017)
Development of Globally Innovative Human Resources in Science and Technology with International Coordination at Tokyo University of Agriculture and... (15/02/2017)
Korean Government Scholarship Program 2017 for Graduate Program at University of Seoul, Korea (10/02/2017)
Scholarship for International Summer Program, Hankuk University, Korea (19/01/2017)
HUSTEP – Hokkaido University shorterm exchange program (05/01/2017)
SAS, SRS 2017-2018 Program at Hokkaido University (05/01/2017)
Spring School Program "Walking along the Path of Japan’s Modern History, Culture & Heritage, and Contemporary Society" (22/12/2016)
SKKU-VNU Science Experience Program (07/12/2016)
Sự kiện sắp diễn ra/****/Milestones
The 17th AUN and 6th ASEAN+3 Educational Forum and Young Speakers’ Contest (27/02/2017)
Laboratory Research Experience Program 2017 at Berkeley University of California, the USA (01/11/2016)