Friday, August 18, 2017

Mission and Aims

The School of Biotechnology is an academic unit of the International University- National University, Ho Chi Minh city. It was founded in 2004 with the aim of training high-quality human resources to meet the requirements of economic development of the country and the region.

School of Biotechnology trains students with advanced program referring to the similar programs in the US, UK and Australia. By attending the Biotechnology program, students will be equipped with comprehensive knowledge about biotechnology from the molecular level, genetic engineering to manufacturing applications in the pharmaceutical sector, industry and agriculture. 

Since 2010, Biotechnology school has opened 3 new departments: Food Technology, Aquascience and Applied Biochemistry to train highly qualified engineers.

Biotechnology School involves 4 faculties include:
- Department of Biotechnology
- Department of Food Technology
- Department of Aquascience
- Department of Applied Biochemistry

The current staff of our school includes 08 A. Prof; 16 PhD, 23 MSc. who are Vietnamese and were trained at renowned universities in the world.

Total number of students now is nearly 1300 undergraduates, 44 Master students, and 6 PhD students. There have been 63 Biotechnology engineers was awarded degree by International University who are currently working at research institutes, biotechnology- production company across the country, or are studying postgraduate programs abroad.